Book Club

Book Club

What makes me feel like an author? Was it the actual writing? How about typing THE END on books 1-3 of the Gatlin series? How about when it was actually published? Nope! My first real author feeling was when I went to a local book club and spoke about The Defender. That was the first …

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The Defender by Larissa Soehn, book one of the Gatlin series, sci-fi book

Choosing Alexia

Alexia is a complex character with her own set of character flaws. Giving her depression and anxiety was no easy choice. It meant that things would be even more challenging for her and that she would struggle to adapt. But it also meant that she would have the furthest to grow. I wanted a character …

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Hola from Mexico

Well, I posted once before that we would be travelling during a pandemic, and I’m happy to report that time is finally here. Our flight to Mexico departed at 9:20 am, and it went off without a hitch. The airport was relaxed and well-spaced out. We never once felt crowded or uncomfortable. But the thought …

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