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How to Write a Book:
Memoirs and Autobiographies

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Choosing to write a memoir or autobiography is like vowing to yourself to let your legacy live on. People who write their stories down are gifting the next generation with their lifes story. You might choose to write a memoir or autobiography for many reasons, including

  • Memory preservation- As we age, our memories can start to become foggy and we forget the things that we once valued so much.  A well written memoir/autobiography can keep those memories intact for you and your loved ones.
  • Sharing your experiences and learnings- When you live a life worth living, you learn a lot along the way. There may come a time in your life when you find yourself wishing to pass that knowledge and experience along to the next generation.
  • Emotional processing and reconciliation- This journey is one of healing and coming to peace with things. It can be incredibly powerful to put words to your thoughts and feelings. 

In How to Write a Book: Memoirs & Autobiographies, new and experienced authors are taken through all the parts that make the book publishing industry so complex, including the oh-so-daunting marketing process!

Readers of this expertly written workbook rave that the simple act of reading the book drove them from simply having an idea to curating a master plan and starting work on their book with enough confidence and motivation to know that they can and will finish it!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to create something amazing. Grab this workbook and get started on your journey.


Trapped in a life she can’t escape, Alexia finds herself pulled into a galaxy on the brink of war. With death waiting around every corner, she must find a way to save herself and the galaxy that is determined to destroy her.

The Defender is an action-packed, science fiction adventure that takes readers on a wild ride through space. Alexia is a strong and complex female protagonist who must save herself and an entire galaxy from destruction. With stunning world building and diverse characters, The Defender is a compelling read that will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

Children's Books

When Jeremy the jellybean is faced with discrimination for his colour, he must find his voice and overcome adversity. Join Jeremy and Gianna in this fun story of two friends who face hardship in the form of discrimination. This fun book opens the conversation between child and caregiver to talk about the challenges that people may face based on the colour of their skin.

As caregivers, we are all faced with an endless stream of questions. This book reminds us of the importance of the ‘why’ and how we need to foster children’s curiosity.

As a mother herself, Larissa Soehn steps all those with curious toddlers through the acceptance of the endless ‘why’ questions

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