Unstuck For Women: A Journey to Finding Freedom Brought to you by Christy Holt

Unstuck For Women: A Journey to Finding Freedom

I WAS THERE. Trapped in a world of endless thoughts and emotions that felt beyond my control. Every single day I faced a battle against anxiety and overwhelm, and it felt like the universe was conspiring against me. My relationships were f*cking difficult, and I was consumed by feeling like I was both too much and not enough simultaneously. I found myself suffering from “just-a-mom-itis”, not really aware of who I truly was and I was stuck in a cycle of nasty self-talk and self-doubt. My asshole mind just would NOT leave me alone!

But then, a lightbulb moment changed everything for me. I realized that the common denominator in every last one of my problems was…me! And instead of settling for the less-than-happy life I was living, I decided to try on a different approach. I decided to show my kids how to love themselves by going first and loving myself.

That powerful moment was when the Spiral Stopper Method was created – a simple yet powerful tool that helped me to break free from my overwhelming thoughts and emotions and gain control over my life. I was so excited by the transformation I experienced that I knew I had to share it with other women who were stuck, just like I was.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, stuck in analysis paralysis, or burnt out from the endless cycle of stress, then you’re in the right place. My book, Unstuck for Women, is a no-BS, no fluff guide to help you break free from all unnecessary suffering. It’s your turn to unleash the powerful conscious creator within!

In the book, I talk about the science behind why we get stuck as well as provide you with practical steps for getting unstuck using my Spiral Stopper Method. By the time you’re done reading this book, you’ll know how to biohack your physiology, gain control over your thoughts and emotions, and actually create some real f*cking change in your life.

For me, the process of writing this book was both a beautiful unfolding and an adventurous expansion into MY next level self. A journey of self discovery and inner truth leading to greater awareness and deeper understanding of both myself and of my reality as I experience it. It is my wish that reading (or listening) to the book will be the catalyst for a similar transformational experience for you, too.

Unstuck For Women is for YOU if you desire to:

  • Break free from the cycle of negative thoughts and emotions
  • Feel more in control of the life you’re creating
  • Get to know yourself better and intentionally create your highest identity
  • Look and feel better in your body
  • Deepen your spiritual journey
  • Improve your relationships with yourself and others
  • Become a conscious creator in your life, intentionally creating all the happiness, peace, success, love, and abundance you deserve
  • Change the world, leave a legacy, and make a positive impact

If this is speaking to you, you will also LOVE my online course, the Get The F*ck Unstuck Adventure. Inside this online adventure I invite you to try on 21 perspective shifts that will take you from stuck in survival mode to consciously creating as your next level Self so that you can finally experience the freedom that you deserve!

You deserve to be fully seen, heard, loved, and accepted, and I am here to help you get there. This isn’t about fixing something that’s wrong with you (You’re not broken, you’re human!); rather it’s about discovering who you truly are and what you’re capable of creating.

So, are YOU ready to get unstuck and become the powerful conscious creator of your own life? Then grab your copy of Unstuck For Women or join me for the Get The F*ck Unstuck Adventure. I love you! Now let’s go do some epic shit, shall we!?

Your Happiness Hussy & Adventure Guide,

Christy Holt

Author, Podcast Host, Coach

Book & Course: www.gtfu.ca

Podcast: www.createyourhappy.ca

Connect: www.coachchristyholt.com

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