My Book is Just Like… Who the Heck Knows!

One of the biggest tips that I got when writing my query letter for Literary Agents was to liken your book to other books or movies. “Give them a sense of what they are getting into, set the stage,” they told me. Ok, well here is the thing, I suck at comparisons. No really, I’m terrible!

Sure I can compare myself to Kylie Jenner and wonder why my lips aren’t as puffy, or to Amy Schumer and wonder why I am not as funny, or to Alyssa Carson and wonder why I am not as smart (if you don’t know who she is, here you go, she is amazing). But when it comes to comparing my work to the works of others, that was not something I could do.

In fact, when writing my query letter for The Defender, I had to use the opinions of readers to build any sort of likeness to something else. They told me, “It’s like Blade Runner”, “It’s like Alien Covenant”, “It’s like The Hunger Games”, and each time I got feedback on what it reminded people of I would respond with “REALLY?!”.

For starters, I hadn’t seen half of the things people linked the book to, and secondly, how could my book be similar to anything that is a major masterpiece? Then it dawned on me, I’m just simply too close to it. To me, my book is 100% unique, but as we all know, every story has already been told, one way or another.

That’s not to say my book isn’t worth reading, because it certainly is, but instead of being shocked that people are comparing me to famous movies and books should be a huge compliment! If my book can remind them of something so successful, then that means my story must be worth telling.

To this day, I still can’t come up with a likeness for my book. I still rely on readers like you to tell me what you think. Brace yourself, this is my shameless plug for readers!

*please read this next part in a fast-paced sales pitch voice*

Did you know that The Defender is available on Amazon and in e-book?

This book has been widely pre-ordered throughout Canada and even a few in the United States.  

Reviews for this book sing the praises of the author for building unique and desirable characters and fun new worlds.

*End shameless plug, please continue reading in a normal voice*

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming. While I would like to say that my inability to draw parallels between my book and other stories is limited to my book alone, but it’s not. Truth be told, I struggle in this area. That is why I love Goodreads. This website has recommended books to me that are now on the top of my favorite list, like the Red Rising Series.

Think about some of your favorite books, do they remind you of any movies or other books that you have read? If so, you may just have the skill that I do not. If you don’t, no worries, it’s certainly not a life skill you need. You won’t ever be given a test about comparing movies unless you are taking some very strange classes.

In summary, if you are a budding author, or even an experienced one, it’s ok to reach out to new fans and ask them for their opinions of what your book compares to. If you are a reader, lend your support, offer to read the book, and then give constructive feedback and a few things that it reminds you of. Any good author is always looking for the support of their loyal fans.

Good luck to all you amazing writers! May you continue to write epic stories that make your soul happy!


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