What Happened When Someone Called Me Creative… A Self Realization Story

Have you ever been told something about you that you think is just so strange, or something that you think doesn’t describe you at all? Well, that happened to me, and it may surprise you to know, that when I was called creative, I thought they were crazy!

Ok, not entirely. I knew I liked to make crafts and build things with my hands, but to be called creative, that to me meant to be original. Everything I had done up until The Defender was about following a design, or taking someone else’s idea and putting my own spin on it. I hadn’t done anything original before.

It wasn’t just about my history with arts and crafts, it was also who it came from. My best friend of 25 years dropped this ‘creative bomb’ on me. She said, “Larissa, you are the most creative person I know.” That’s not a big deal, but you guys, she is an ART MAJOR! How can little old me, be the most creative person she knows? That’s not possible… is it?

The answer is, Heck Yes it is! The more I thought about it, the more I realized that she just might be right, I just might be a creative person. Once I realized that, I had to stop and laugh at how ridiculous it was that I had never thought to call myself this before.

This level of self-realization unlocked a whole new level to my own soul that I had never acknowledged before. Coming out of a major depressive episode meant doing a lot of self-discoveries, and this one just fell nicely onto the pile of stuff I hadn’t realized about myself.

Now that I can wear my “Creative” badge with pride, I look at myself just a little bit differently. I think about what makes me happy and how am I going to fill up my joy bucket. I think about my day job and look for ways to build my creativity into it (which is no easy task). And finally, I look for ways to feed my creativity.

I want to unleash myself on the world, and that is a scary thing. Being a creative person means taking risks with your work and understanding that not everyone is going to like what you have done. This level of self-exposure is almost harder than if I were to walk through a crowded room with no clothes on. Ok, I joke… Kind of. But it is like bearing a piece of my soul for you all to read and judge. The Defender is a piece of my soul. It’s a view of a part of me that has always lain dormant, but now it is out there for you all to read and enjoy. Talk about scary!

So, this next part is important, be kind. Not just to me, but to all those that are bearing a little piece of their soul to the world. We are putting our most treasured creations into your hands, so be gentle with them. If you don’t like them, then that’s ok, but don’t make someone cry. On the flip side, if you love it, tell them, for all that is good, TELL THEM! We need more positivity and kindness in this world.

Good luck to all you amazing writers! May you continue to write epic stories that make your soul happy!


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