Vacationing During a Pandemic… and Feeling Guilty

This is not a pandemic blog, I swear. But it is vacation storytime.

Our last vacation to somewhere warm was in February 2019. We managed to get away to Palm Springs just before the world got crazy and everything shut down. I remember watching the news during our stay at the Airbnb. It was scary to see how the world was reacting, but we worked hard to not let it ruin our vacation. After all, we had a pool, endless margaritas, and an active 2-year-old! There was a lot to be happy about.

Then sh!t hit the fan. But that’s not the point of this blog. We all know how that story goes.

Last winter, just after Christmas, Kyle and I decided that it was time to look forward, instead of being stuck in a perpetual state of dismay and unsureness. Who knew when the world would allow us to travel? It was a hard time for us. It was the first time in nearly ten years that we hadn’t been able to take a winter vacation. I know, first-world problems, but for us, it was really hard on our mental health.

So fast forward a bit and we ended up booking a beautiful, all-inclusive trip to Mexico! Well, folks, it’s been a ride to get here, but now we are less than four weeks away, and my-oh-my are we excited.

My daughter is already picking out her toys, I’m thinking of fruity cocktails by the pool, and my husband has his books all lined up to read by the pool. But what is the world doing? You may think it selfish that we travel during a pandemic when things are so turbulent. Ah yes, here is the point of this blog, the guilt that comes with travelling during a pandemic.

In the months leading up to our vacation, any time I would tell someone that we are going, they always look at me skeptically, and I have to add “You know, if the world behaves.” This is my out to feed into the guilt that the pandemic has raised in all of us when we try to do something that is good for our mental health but may be viewed as a negative in the eyes of society.

Now don’t get me wrong, we know there are risks with travelling. We have a small child who is not eligible to be vaccinated and we are travelling to an area of the world that is still a hot spot for COVID-19. There are risks, but the risks do not outweigh the reward, not in our opinion anyway.

This year has been incredibly hard for my family. I was diagnosed with severe depression and went through a terrible time. And I was not alone in this. My entire family suffered just as I did. They had to fight to keep me healthy. Their way of life changed because I could not act the way I used to. I could not contribute as I had in the past. To say that we need a vacation, does not highlight just how badly We need a vacation!

So please don’t judge me. I’m done apologizing for my need to take a break. We have taken the necessary steps to keep ourselves safe, and we will follow all the rules for quarantine and testing when we come back. Finally, I can say with pride and excitement that vacation is coming! My count down is on, and no, I don’t feel guilty about it!

Mexico, here we come!

Good luck to all you amazing writers! May you continue to write epic stories that make your soul happy.

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